Guardian Pidgeon

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A feather graphic from our new game.




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Meet our new family member: Captain Winston Floyd Machiavelli


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Just a screenshot for a character I’m building.


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An ongoing look at Thom Hartmann’s new book.  A recommended read.

It only took a few years, but FINALLY we have a Pyramid Head statue.  I’m really considering buying this…

A course I found for Linux online.  This will not teach you anything, but it does provide useful assignments you may work on.

This user has really put a lot of thought into how to create immersive games.  He has even written a paper on it.

The classic, The Rights of Man.  It’s on my list of to-do things.  Honest.

OpenVPN is a handy tool that you can apparently get working directly with the router.  I have been looking into this.

Tribler is a torrenting software I am meaning to follow.  They have bypassed the need for the .torrent files.  I am waiting for it to come to Linux.

Hackity-Hack is  a tool that teaches anyone the basics of programming in Ruby.

Illumination software is a programming tool that focuses on visual programming rather than straight code.  This could be very useful for folks like myself who see in pictures rather than text.


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A depressing little article about how the corporate elites are screwing everyone in the world except themselves.

I was reading an article written by the makers of Penumbra — one of my favorite games — and he suggested the author China Mieville.  I have every intention of reading this story in the future.

I have spent some time working on a one-room old-school adventure game using AGS.  The following list of tutorials has been endlessly useful during this.

Taylor Mali is a brilliant and insightful poet.  He does great spoken word.

Scathing British sarcasm at it’s finest.  Here you have Bird and Fortune, a group of typically 2 men on stage discussing politics and economics in the absurd terms it deserves.

Apt-get is a terribly useful tool in Linux, but sadly, it’s quite slow.  Apt-fast is a script created to download with multiple streams instead of just one.  This makes for a much much faster download.

No admin rights, but you still have an application you want to install?  This shows you how to create a virtualized program so that you can isolate everything the program will need once installed, thereby granting you the ability to use your programs!


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This is a terrific website I have come across that lets you view manga online.  I am currently reading through Death Note and I love it.

This is one of the greatest sites on the internet.  Lastwear is a clothing company that is completely open-source!  They require occasional donations, but they make everything available online and their clothes look terrific.

The following is a nice little page that is helping me get through my LPI course for my Linux certification.  This site provides links to useful resources.

The art of writing in Phases.  A phase is basically your story told in bullet point and you then go back and expound later.

Skills, skills, skills.  In D&D skills are everything.  But what are they?  AtWill takes a fantastic look at this with a series of articles.

One of these days, I’m going to actually play System Shock 2.  Until then…

Here is an interesting little site I came across.  It’s essentially just a daily newsfeed with a liberal slant.  I like it.


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Cameyo is a very useful tool.  It takes a snapshot of your computer/registry before and after you install a program and it creates a single executable file that will run as a stand-alone application.

Here is a list of 4 very useful sites to visit for inspiration on all things creative writing.  I highly recommend this. Support the site by disabling adblockers!

Another from Make Use of!  I’ve made several attempts to learn Japanese in the past and have fallen off the wagon, time and time again.  Hopefully these useful sites will help me get over the kanji hurdle in the future.

A listing of video game tools/resources.  Infinitely useful if I ever get around to working on a game.