This is a terrific website I have come across that lets you view manga online.  I am currently reading through Death Note and I love it.

This is one of the greatest sites on the internet.  Lastwear is a clothing company that is completely open-source!  They require occasional donations, but they make everything available online and their clothes look terrific.

The following is a nice little page that is helping me get through my LPI course for my Linux certification.  This site provides links to useful resources.

The art of writing in Phases.  A phase is basically your story told in bullet point and you then go back and expound later.

Skills, skills, skills.  In D&D skills are everything.  But what are they?  AtWill takes a fantastic look at this with a series of articles.

One of these days, I’m going to actually play System Shock 2.  Until then…

Here is an interesting little site I came across.  It’s essentially just a daily newsfeed with a liberal slant.  I like it.


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