A depressing little article about how the corporate elites are screwing everyone in the world except themselves.

I was reading an article written by the makers of Penumbra — one of my favorite games — and he suggested the author China Mieville.  I have every intention of reading this story in the future.

I have spent some time working on a one-room old-school adventure game using AGS.  The following list of tutorials has been endlessly useful during this.

Taylor Mali is a brilliant and insightful poet.  He does great spoken word.

Scathing British sarcasm at it’s finest.  Here you have Bird and Fortune, a group of typically 2 men on stage discussing politics and economics in the absurd terms it deserves.

Apt-get is a terribly useful tool in Linux, but sadly, it’s quite slow.  Apt-fast is a script created to download with multiple streams instead of just one.  This makes for a much much faster download.

No admin rights, but you still have an application you want to install?  This shows you how to create a virtualized program so that you can isolate everything the program will need once installed, thereby granting you the ability to use your programs!


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