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An ongoing look at Thom Hartmann’s new book.  A recommended read.

It only took a few years, but FINALLY we have a Pyramid Head statue.  I’m really considering buying this…

A course I found for Linux online.  This will not teach you anything, but it does provide useful assignments you may work on.

This user has really put a lot of thought into how to create immersive games.  He has even written a paper on it.

The classic, The Rights of Man.  It’s on my list of to-do things.  Honest.

OpenVPN is a handy tool that you can apparently get working directly with the router.  I have been looking into this.

Tribler is a torrenting software I am meaning to follow.  They have bypassed the need for the .torrent files.  I am waiting for it to come to Linux.

Hackity-Hack is  a tool that teaches anyone the basics of programming in Ruby.

Illumination software is a programming tool that focuses on visual programming rather than straight code.  This could be very useful for folks like myself who see in pictures rather than text.